The products can be ordered through the e-shop on the company's website. The purchase of products is done equally by visitors and registered members.


The selected products are placed in the basket, the condition of which is visible in the upper right corner. Before placing the order, the member or visitor is informed of the final price of the order.

For promotional products, the company reserves the right to make changes and declares that it is not a public offer and is allowed not to accept orders in serious cases. If some products run out during the creation of the order, the member will be informed by an operator and a personal agreement will be made on the procedure to be followed


Terms of delivery

Cash on delivery orders are executed with the courier company ELTA Courier. Orders received by 12.00 are executed on the same day and orders received later are processed on the next business day. In the case of holidays and the last working day of the month, orders must be received by 11.00 to be executed on the same day.

The cost of courier for Greece is: Orders through e-shop up to € 50.00 amount to € 3.00, while orders over € 50.00 are FREE. Additional € 2.00 for cash on delivery orders. All prices include VAT.

The process of delivery of parcels by cash on delivery is as follows: Delivery to the shipping address is made only on daily working days, from 10.00 to 18.00. In case of absence of the recipient from the shipping address, the courier companies inform in writing with a written note to the shipping address. The order that has not been delivered to the shipping address remains in the courier company's store for specific days, after which the order returns to the offices and is canceled in the system.

Order sent on the last working day of the month, must be received no later than the 9th calendar day of the following month. Otherwise, the company cancels the return order and then cancels the order on the system.